Silicon Valley Tech Leaders Speak Out on Trump’s Immigration Order

Many of the Silicon Valley technology leaders spoke out against Trump’s executive order curing immigration of nationals from seven essentially Muslim countries into the US. The technology leaders who voiced their opinions include CEOs of Uber, Google, IBM, Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, and more.

Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, said that it would be painful to see the negative effects of this ban on the personal lives of many of Google’s employees. He added, “We’ve always made our view on immigration issues known publicly and will continue to do so.”

A spokesman Google said that they are concerned about the effect this ban will have on bringing in great talent into the country.

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook also spoke against the order and said that the company does not support this policy. He said the Apple believes in allowing immigration as it is important for the growth of the company and the country as a whole.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook voiced his concerns too and said that he is concerned about the impact that this order will have on its workforce.

The CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, posted this comment on LinkedIn, “As an immigrant and as a CEO, I’ve both experienced and seen the positive impact that immigration has on our company, for the country, and for the world. We will continue to advocate on this important topic.”

The Senior Vice President of Human Resources at IBM, Diane J. Gherson said their employees have been sent a company update on the background of the 90-day immigration ban issued by an executive order by US President Donald Trump. She said that the company has identified three employees who are directly affected by this. They have been contacted and there are no concerns at present.

A spokesperson from Tesla said that such a blanket entry ban on all citizens of some predominantly Muslim countries may not be the best solution for the challenges faced by the country. The company’s Human Resources and legal teams are collaborating to help those Tesla employees who are impacted by this order.

Travis Kalanick, the CEO of Uber in an email to the company’s employees wrote that this order will affect many innocent people and promised that he would raise these concerns at the business advisory group meeting with the US President.

Uber’s CEO also took note of the fact that there are many drivers in Uber from the countries which have got visa bans who may have to travel outside of the US and they will not be able to reenter the country and thus could have no income for at least 90 days. He added that efforts are on at Uber to identify such drivers and work out a pro bono compensation plan for them.

All the CEOs reiterated that they will provide all the required company support to those employees directly affected by this order. They all conceded that their “first order of business” in response to the immigration ban is to help the personnel and their families who are affected by this order directly.

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